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Melbourne, the coastal capital of the state of Victoria, is sprinkled liberally with plazas, bars, and restaurants, many of which are perched idyllically by the Yarra River. Indeed, with its calming beachside setting, enticing entertainment spots, and array of cultural venues, it’s little wonder that anyone gets any work done in Melbourne at all.

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A view of glistening skyscrapers in Downtown Melbourne (Photo: Aaron May via Flickr / CC BY-ND 2.0)

In keeping with its typically relaxed coastal vibe and leisurely pace of life, Melbourne has a vibrant co-working community, with freelancers and start-ups working communally in laid back work spaces optimised for collaboration, communication and socialising. If you’re planning to spend time in Melbourne and would like to use a co-working space during your stay, we’ve picked out 12 of the city’s best.

The Commons

With three separate locations spread across Melbourne, The Commons is one of Melbourne’s most well-known coworking options. All members have free use of the open desk area in any of the three city spaces, as well as the chance to book meeting rooms and attend on-site social events such as yoga, meditation and stretch classes. Flexible month-by-month memberships are ideal for temporary visitors to the city who may want irregular access only. Pricing starts at AU$410 per month for open desk usage. Among the impressive recreational facilities to be found across the three spaces include a golf simulator, record lounge, arcade machine, ping pong table, quiet zones, and outdoor terraces. There are also wellness programmes and regular events, ranging from Wine Tastings to TedTalk style presentations.

LOCATIONS Collingwood, South Melbourne & Melbourne CBD WEBSITE www.thecommons.com.au

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(Photo: The Commons)

YBF Ventures

YBF Ventures (formerly York Butter Factory) is synonymous with technology in Australia. Founded in 2011, it was one of the country’s first coworking tech and innovation hubs, and continues to lead the way in helping startups grow, scaleups to succeed, and corporates to innovate. Members tend to come from cutting edge tech-based fields including AI, machine learning, fintech, legaltech, proptech, Web 3.0, big data and more. Pricing starts at $585 per month for a dedicated desk, and there are also private offices and part floors available, as well as free monthly Open Coworking Days. On-site services and amenities include desks and ergonomic chairs, super-fast WiFi, free community breakfasts, fairtrade coffee and luxury tea, and regular learning events such as coding sessions, blockchain workshops, pitch nights and pitch coaching sessions.

LOCATION 520 Bourke Street WEBSITE www.ybfventures.com

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(Photo: YBF Ventures)

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The Cluster

Located centrally in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, The Cluster is a bright, inspiring and professional coworking space with gorgeous views over the City and the Yarra River, and with a front of house staff that help make guests feel right at home. The venue offers a full range of membership types, from flexible plans starting at AU$45/week to permanent desks and private offices, ensuring there’s something to suit every need. They also have serviced meeting rooms, a business lounge, and some killer event spaces.

LOCATION 17/31 Queen Street WEBSITE www.thecluster.com.au

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(Photo: The Cluster)

Nous House

A boutique co-working community, Nous House’s Melbourne location in the city’s Central Business District is home to private offices, desks and common spaces, all designed to inspire interactive, collaborative work in a productive environment. The all-inclusive memberships are flexible, with no lock in contracts and available on a month-to-month basis. Rates start at $200 for hot desk access up to 4 times a month, as well as meeting room booking and printing privileges included in the membership. On-site amenities and services include high-speed WiFi, 24/7 building access, lockers, a communal kitchen, tea & coffee, snacks, and frequent community events.

LOCATION Level 19/567 Collins Street WEBSITE www.noushouse.co

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(Photo: Nous House)


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Located in the heart of South Melbourne, close to the famous South Melbourne Markets and in the same building as a well-equipped health club, Creative Cubes is a popular collaborative community used by freelancers and start-ups. The venue offers a range of hot desks and private offices in a fully furnished space for up to 350 people. Memberships for shared space access start at AU$350 per month and day passes are available for AU$39 per day. There’s also a dedicated Happiness Team who are on hand to ensure all the needs of members are met.

LOCATION 534 Church Street, Richmond WEBSITE www.creativecubes.co

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(Photo: CreativeCubes.Co)

South Hive Coworking

Situated in a renovated warehouse in the heart of South Melbourne village, South Hive Coworking provides a mix of private studios, partitioned team areas, open plan work stations and meeting rooms to suit individual freelancers, start-ups and small-to-medium sized businesses. The cheapest membership is for part time desks which gives you access to a shared space three days a week between 8.30am and 5.30pm, priced at AU$350 per month. Amenities include private phone booths, kitchen and shower facilities, fruit bowls, and tea/coffee machines.

LOCATION 133 Market Street WEBSITE www.southhive.com.au

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(Photo: South Hive Coworking)

Altitude Cowork

Self-styled as combining a local community feel with premium services, Altitude is located in Melbourne’s Central Business District and is equipped with the latest in technology, all designed to provide freelancers and small businesses with a productive work environment. Desks can be booked for the day, or by week or month, with fixed or hot desk prices starting at AU$475 per month, complete with lockable storage facilities. All utilities are included along with high-speed internet, an on-site concierge and other amenities including communal breakout spaces that give members a chance to meet and engage with like-minded folk.

LOCATION Level 7/575 Bourke Street WEBSITE www.altitudecowork.com.au

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(Photo: Altitude Cowork)

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Established in 2012, depo8 is a large warehouse space spread across two levels that welcomes freelancers, small businesses and startups to make use of a flexible range of shared or private work space options. Full time dedicated desks are priced at AU$99 per week and includes 24/7 access, use of meeting rooms, quiet rooms and break out areas, high speed WIFi and spacious draw space. Hourky desk hire is also available for AU$5 per hour up to a maximum of 6 hours a day from 9am to5pm Monday to Friday. There’s also a kitchen, lounge area and dining room for up to 10 people.

LOCATION Level 1/39-41 Mount Street, Prahran WEBSITE www.depo8.com

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(Photo: Depo8 Coworking)


Framework is a coworking space occupied by designers, developers, videographers, copywriters, marketing professionals, and all types of Melbourne creatives. There are flexible options to suit the way you work, letting you secure your own desk or use the space as you need, with part time and casual options also available. Permanent desks start at AU$600 per month (including meeting room access), part-time at AU$170 per month, and casual day passes at AU$75 per day.

LOCATION Suite 1, Level 1/458 Swanston Street, Carlton WEBSITE www.framework.melbourne

Work Club

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Set in the heart of the highly regarded Collins Street in the Royal Bank Chambers building, Work Club’s Melbourne outpost is conveniently close to transport, shops, cafes and restaurants. Split across two levels, the space offers a range of options for all professional needs, including both open and private spaces. Premium memberships provide dedicated desks with unlimited 24/7 access to any of the venue’s spaces, or for those who prefer flexibility, Associate membership entitles two days’ access per week, also with all areas and services at your disposal. On-site services and amenities include print and copying, meeting rooms, concierge, a library, a Club bar, tea & coffee, and regular events.

LOCATION 2/287 Collins Street WEBSITE www.workclubglobal.com

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(Photo: Work Club Global)


Dimension5 is designed to promote creativity, leadership, entrepreneurship and innovative thinking among individuals and smaller teams or organisations. Its creative co-working space promotes ‘positive human collisions’, sparks innovation and entrepreneurship across technology, start-ups, business and social enterprises. The space is spread across 1,100 square metres, and is located across the road from Melbourne’s Botanic Gardens, a few minutes’ walk or tram ride from the heart of the city’s Central Business District. Catalyst memberships are priced at AU $420 per month and provide unlimited 24/7 hot desk usage and meeting room access, plus printing services, tea & coffee, mentoring opportunities and regular community events. Day passes are also available for AU$35.

LOCATION 10 Dorcas Street, Southbank WEBSITE www.dimension5hub.com.au

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(Photo: Dimension5)

Thrive Network

Thrive Network’s premium coworking and shared office space is located in South Melbourne and invites solo workers, startups, small businesses and teams to work in a warm and welcoming environment. The space itself is light-filled and beautifully designed and furnished, all of which adds to the atmosphere. You can choose from full time, flexible and part time package starting at AU$350 per month, or AU$40 for day passes. Amenities include printers, bike storage, showers, kitchens, and lockers. All members also have access to training seminars, workshops, mentor services, and monthly social events.

LOCATION 52 Albert Road, South Melbourne WEBSITE www.thethrivenetwork.com.au


Is coworking worth the money? ›

If you want more discipline and structure, an improved work performance, a better network of people, and the opportunity to gain more qualified leads, a co-working space is definitely a great option for you. Take the time to go out and find a co-working space that fits you.

What are the disadvantages of coworking? ›

What are the Disadvantages of Coworking?
  • Less Value for Money. Many businesses opt for a coworking space over private office alternatives in order to reduce overheads and save money. ...
  • Noise and Distractions. ...
  • Reduced Productivity. ...
  • Lack of Privacy. ...
  • Lack of Exclusivity. ...
  • Lack of Luxury. ...
  • Poor Customer Service. ...
  • Limited Growth.

Is Regus better than WeWork? ›

Conclusion. Both Regus and WeWork are fantastic co-working office space providers. If you are a freelancer or a startup and you prefer a casual environment, WeWork could be a better choice for you. Regus is available in more locations, is a little less expensive, and has a more professional vibe.

How do you negotiate a coworking space? ›

Four easy steps to convince your employer to pay for your coworking membership
  1. Consider your angle. Before you approach your company about paying for your coworking membership, think carefully about what angle will resonate best. ...
  2. Ask for a meeting. ...
  3. Explain the benefits. ...
  4. Be flexible.
17 Dec 2020

How does coworking make money? ›

Just like a normal workplace, a coworking space has set number of workstations which it rents to individual and teams. This renting out the workstations acts as the primary source of revenue for most coworking spaces. Besides the dedicated workstations, many coworking spaces offer dedicated cabins for rents too.

Why coworking is the future? ›

The future of coworking is simply waiting to be embraced as businesses look to return to in-person work. Through virtual offices, coworking access passes, and hybrid workspaces, teams can adjust to a new style of work that hones in on a healthier workforce.

Is coworking really the future? ›

Yes, coworking really seems to be "the future," or at least one part of the future of work. Current remote work statistics estimate that about one-quarter of Americans already work remotely at least some of the workweek, and projections estimate that over 36 million Americans will be working remotely by 2025.

What is hot seat in coworking space? ›

A hot desk is a desk or seating area that is shared communally amongst a group of users. A dedicated desk is a desk that is rented out to one specific individual for a set period of time. Striking the right balance between the two will ensure you have a profitable business and happy members.

Can you talk in coworking space? ›

If you spend all your time with your headphones on and your head down, you might not even know that the person working at the next table could be the type of professional you need for your next job, or could be someone who could pass business your way. So yes, you can talk in a coworking space.

Why do co working spaces fail? ›

Some of the coworking space fail incidents are due to a lack of planning or advertising, while others tried to open in a location that was already overcrowded or where there was no demand.

What makes a great coworking space? ›

Ideally, coworking spaces will have varied lighting levels that create a balance between areas designed for work, and areas designed for breaktime (such as a sleep pod or game room). Having lots of natural light throughout the day can work as an extra motivator for staying focused and on track.

Can you make friends at a coworking space? ›

Many coworking spaces offer events for people to go to. I highly recommend checking these out! They're a great way to meet people and it's easy to find others who are also looking to make new contacts and friends.

Who is Regus competitor? ›

regus.com's top 5 competitors in September 2022 are: instantoffices.com, myregus.com, davincivirtual.com, liquidspace.com, and more.

Does WeWork still exist 2022? ›

Through this enhanced WeWork Workplace product, expected to launch commercially in July 2022, companies will be able to offer their employees the ability to seamlessly book a desk, private office or conference room across their real estate portfolio - whether at a WeWork location or company-leased or owned space.

Is Regus going out of business? ›

Once-Struggling Affiliates Keep Most Leases. See the List of Spaces They Gave Up. August 25, 2021 | 2:35 P.M. Affiliates of coworking operator Regus Corp. have received formal approval to exit bankruptcy protection and retain nearly all of their U.S. leases after successful negotiations with landlords.

Do coworking spaces make money? ›

According to the Global Coworking Survey, only 43% of coworking spaces are profitable, which means that 57% are detrimental. Let's check how to calculate the margin. Supposing you have nearly 100 members in your space. Each of them pays you $100 a month.

What do people look for in coworking spaces? ›

Key factors to consider when looking for a coworking space. Find your ideal amenities, location, budget, resources, accessibility. Enjoy the benefits of coworking spaces and the ability to work in your ideal neighborhood. Connect with your coworking community and build your network to help your business thrive.

Why people thrive in coworking spaces? ›

Coworking spaces attract professionals from various kinds of industries and different walks of life. This helps take away the feeling of competition one might feel within a regular office. Additionally, each coworking space has its own vibe and community. This helps people feel comfortable where they work.

How much room does a person need for coworking? ›

Most suggest that the bare minimum of actual space per person be 10 square meters. Corridors and other rooms are included.

Is coworking space cheaper? ›

While coworking spaces tend to be more affordable than traditional offices, they are still more expensive than working at home or a coffee shop.

What is coworking lifestyle? ›

The use of an office space or other working environment by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge.

Are coworking spaces profitable 2022? ›

Coworking office spaces are expected to grow at 13% per year. 72% of shared office facilities become profitable within two years from their opening. Coworking operators generate 61% of their revenues from renting out desks.

What does coworking stand for? ›

View more. Coworking is a term used to describe a working arrangement in which people from different teams and companies come together to work in a single shared space.

How do coworking spaces get clients? ›

Building a digital presence for coworking spaces

Building an online presence before you open your doors will give you a mega head start with acquiring clients. The cost of being present online is low, and when done right, the payoff is absolutely huge.

Who invented coworking? ›

In fact, the start of the coworking phenomenon is credited to Software engineer Brad Neuberg's San Francisco collective workspace. As detailed online by Neuberg himself, the story of coworking is different from the one you might have already heard.

Are Weworks quiet? ›

With small private offices and quiet areas, not to mention reliable WiFi and technology equipment, WeWork locations can offer the escape that weary work-from-home staffers and students desire.

Why coworking spaces are better? ›

Coworking spaces combine the benefits of working alone with collaboration and being able to connect with like minded business people. Research has shown that a more cooperative work culture makes employees and business owners happier and healthier.

Is it a good idea to work at coworking spaces? ›

Coworking spaces are professional yet give you the vibe of freedom. You work with people who are helpful, friendly and supportive besides being geniuses in their own fields. This creates a zone of utter peace and productive culture for all. Thus people can focus more and work with passion.

Are coworking spaces expensive? ›

Different Coworking Space Pricing Based on Desk Type

For example, the average monthly cost for a dedicated desk in an open-plan office ranges from $300 to $400 per month across different cities; whereas this number can be as low as $200 in some areas or as high as $700 for one in Lexington Ave, NYC.

What do people want from a coworking space? ›

Comfort and environment

The reason more people are straying away from the traditional workplace environment is that it just isn't as comfortable or productive to work in as a coworking space. And working from home is often too distracting and it becomes difficult to separate work life from home life.


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