13 of the Best Types of Kitchen Runner Rugs - (2023)

Kitchen runner rugs are a great addition to any kitchen because they add so much warmth, texture, color and of course, protect your floors. I’ll share with you the best type of rug for a kitchen and share some of my personal favorites! I hope it inspires you to accessorize your own kitchen.

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Should I Put A Runner In My Kitchen?

You might be wondering, what are kitchen runners for exactly? Chances are you’ve seen them in the most Instagram-worthy kitchens online, and for good reason. It’s one of the hottest accessories and easiest ways to add a big pop of color to your kitchen. Rugs are full of texture and warmth and add a touch of coziness to otherwise hard floors. I think any kitchen feels bare without a rug! My favorite place to buy kitchen runner rugs online is Boutique Rugs.

Rugs also act as a layer of protection to your floors, especially if you have wood floors. Kitchens are high-traffic areas and have a lot thrown at them, whether it’s water or food or dirt, an extra layer of protection on your floor is definitely helpful to keep floors looking clean and prevent them from being too slippery.

If you are worried about spills or stains on your rug, we will get to that a little later. But it’s nothing to worry about if you choose the right rug!

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Where Should A Runner Be Placed In A Kitchen?

Personally, I like having a rug in front of the sink since this is often a spot where you are standing while doing dishes. It’s nice to have some cushion under your feet. If you have a runway between cabinets, that can also be a good spot to place a kitchen runner that gets a lot of foot traffic to protect your floors.

In our house, we do a lot of food prep, cutting veggies, etc. while standing at the island, so having a rug next to the island is great on our feet and we love it.

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Kitchen rugs are bound to get spilled on and see their fair share of foot traffic. Give yourself the peace of mind by choosing a rug that’s easy to clean and will hide dirt/spills. It’s all about what to look for in the construction of the rug and material as they are not all created equal. Indoor outdoor rugs are great options because they are made to be out in the weather and are washable and hosed down! They are super durable and won’t fade, plus the material resists mold and mildew because they are made for outdoor use.

Another good construction is polypropylene or PET (recycled polyester). These materials are man-made and super durable and easy to blot spills and will resist stains.

Of course, choosing a rug with a pattern or color will also hide better than an all white rug so that’s something to consider as well.

One of my absolute favorite places to buy rugs of any kind, not just kitchen runner rugs, is Boutique Rugs.

They have a HUGE selection of quality rugs and the prices are amazing! Like the lowest you will find on the Internet. Boutique Rugs has an entire category of all washable rugs too if that’s important to you. Washable rugs are not only great for kitchen runners, but entryways, bathrooms, playrooms, pretty much anywhere!

Luckily, there are tons of kitchen runner rugs out there that are great options so you are bound to find one you love that fits with your kitchen decor! I rounded up 13 of the best types of kitchen runner rugs.

Pro Tip:

If you don’t want your kitchen runner to slip or move around, I definitely recommend a non slip rug pad. They do a great job of keeping your rug in place so it’s not sliding around the floor, plus it adds a layer of softness making your rug feel cushier and thicker. This rug pad is a great one and they are super affordable.

Neyland Washable Rug

I love the bold colors in this rug! The busy pattern hides beautifully and is perfect for any kitchen that needs a little pop of color and print. Best of all? It is washable! Such a great option for white kitchens and it’s very similar to kitchen runner rugs I see all over Instagram.

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Rosman Washable Rug

A beautiful rug that isn’t quite as vibrant but still has a great color palette and pattern to camouflage spills. Another washable rug to ease your mind and make it feel way less scary! This rug comes in several different sizes and lengths depending on your space and what fits best.

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Monterey Rug

If you are more of a neutrals girl, this rug is perfect because it’s a soft light grey but it’s not too light and scary. It’s super soft on bare feet and easy to clean when necessary! The subtle pattern adds just enough without being too loud and still hides well.

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A dark grey charcoal rug with a graphic pattern is super cool and looks amazing in so many different kitchen designs. Obviously the dark color makes it a great option so you don’t have to worry about stains. I love how it pairs with the navy blue island in this kitchen!

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Marwood Indoor Outdoor Rug

This indoor/outdoor runner is a great neutral that fits with all different decor no matter your style. Because it’s made for outdoors, you can literally hose it down or clean up spills with a cloth and they come right out. A great option for families with kids and pets.

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True Rug

Nothing screams light and airy quite like this rug. It has subtle pops of blues and pinks making it colorful without being too much. I love the texture on this rug, it’s woven and really adds warmth to an all white kitchen.

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Powhatan Rug

Another fantastic washable kitchen runner option, this rug has beautiful terracotta hues that add a ton of warmth. It’s a nice low pile so it will clear doors, making it a great option for entry ways too. And can you believe it’s only $60?!

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Ricardo Washable Rug

You can tell I’m naturally drawn to the vintage-y patterned rugs, they are all so pretty I can’t choose just a couple! They really make fantastic rugs in the kitchen because of their versatility and cleanability. We even have a long runner like this in our bathroom and even after a couple years it looks brand new!

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Grant Rug

This navy rug with a floral pattern would pair perfectly in a more traditional home or if you have a touch of farmhouse. I love how it compliments the navy island and white contrasting cabinets.

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Rice Rug

Add a touch of coastal vibe with this jute rug in your kitchen. It’s natural fibers add plenty of texture and it has a subtle pattern that hides well. A little note on jute rugs, they do tend to show liquid spills so it’s important to clean them quickly!

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Hanlontown Rug

I love the super chunky knit texture on this rug, it just looks so cozy! This rug is made out of 100% wool which makes it very durable and easy to clean. Just a heads up, wool rugs do tend to shed a bit at the beginning and are at a higher price point because of their natural fibers, but wool rugs are super thick and soft.

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Leonardtown Rug

Another wool rug in a light creamy color that would really pop against dark wood or tile floors. My favorite thing about wool rugs is how stains just blot right out. We have one in our family room which leads to the back patio door that we use multiple times a day with our dog. So much gets tracked through the rug going in and out from muddy paws to wet shoes, but it’s nothing that stains or won’t come out.

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Yarrambat Rug

A rug that is neutral but not too light and not too dark. It’s super versatile and can go with about any decor style from farmhouse to modern to traditional and everything in between. It’s definitely a fan favorite and sells out quickly.

I hope one of these kitchen runners is a great option for your home! I truly think a kitchen feels complete with a rug and it just gives it that homey vibe. Light your favorite candle and your kitchen is ready to go!

Cleaning Tip:

Want to know the best carpet and upholstery cleaner? This stuff works wonders and it’s non-toxic so it’s great for kids and pets! Stains come out every time and you can use it on any rug spill or even on upholstered dining chairs and couches. I’ve even used it as a spot treatment before throwing our IKEA couch slipcovers in the wash. You can buy the cleaner on Amazon here.


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