The 15 Best Kitchen Runner Rugs of 2023 (2023)

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By: Emily Brookes |

When you are decorating your kitchen there are lots of things you can do to make it truly instagram worthy, but one of the easiest fixes that can have the biggest impact is the addition of a beautiful runner rug.

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Adding a runner rug will not only make your kitchen feel warm and homely, but it can also add a much needed splash of color and style to the space. Today we’re going to be sharing the best kitchen runner rugs to give you some inspiration for your own kitchen!

Kamran Coral Rug

The 15 Best Kitchen Runner Rugs of 2023 (1)

This gorgeous Kamran Coral rug features a persian inspired design, with a bold geometric pattern and an ornate border, inspired by traditional Heriz rugs. The color palette is muted coral and blue, with a neutral base, and has been artfully distressed to give it a vintage look.

Ruggable specializes in creating washable kitchen runners, so you will never have to worry about it getting dirty or stained, you can simply remove the cover from the rug pad and put it in the washing machine!

Blue Distressed Persian Runner Rug

The 15 Best Kitchen Runner Rugs of 2023 (2)

For a touch of modern elegance, you can’t go wrong with this blue distressed Persian kitchen runner rug. The muted color palette of ivory, grey, yellow, and blue look incredible, and work perfectly with the elegant Persian inspired design.

This rug is soft underfoot, and hardwearing, making it an ideal choice for heavy traffic areas such as the kitchen, and is easy to spot clean when required.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Runner

The 15 Best Kitchen Runner Rugs of 2023 (3)

This oriental runner rug would be at home in any modern farmhouse kitchen. The warm color palette of rust, brick, and navy will instantly make your kitchen feel like home, even if you’ve just moved in!

The Persian inspired design has been deliberately faded for a vintage look, and although it looks like it could be made from silk, this rug is 100% polyester meaning it can handle anything life throws at it and still look great. Ideal if you have pets or messy kids!

Verena Dark Wood Rug

The 15 Best Kitchen Runner Rugs of 2023 (4)

If you’re looking for a durable kitchen runner with a modern farmhouse feel, the Verena dark wood rug is the one for you! This rug takes a Persian inspired design but uses a deep rustic brown and ivory color palette for a more modern feel.

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This rug has been distressed to give it a rustic feel, and although it may look like an antique, it’s super durable and can be easily washed in your home washing machine.

Cambria Ruby Rug

The 15 Best Kitchen Runner Rugs of 2023 (5)

The Cambria rug is inspired by the kilim textile designs from Turkey, and it’s perfect if you want to bring a worldly, well-traveled feel to your kitchen. This rug features a deep ruby red, beige, orange, and brown color palette with an intricate design reminiscent of traditional persian rugs.

The warm colors of this rug are perfect for adding warmth and personality to your kitchen, and aside from being gorgeous, the best thing about this runner is that it’s machine washable!

Versatile Black and White Plaid Runner

The 15 Best Kitchen Runner Rugs of 2023 (6)

To complete the look in any modern kitchen, a plaid runner is the way to go! This black and white runner is eye catching, and makes a stylish statement in this industrial style kitchen.

Since the design and color palette on this rug is so versatile, it would also be at home in a farmhouse or lodge style kitchen. This rug will stand up well to heavy use, and is water resistant so ideal for families with pets or children where spills and accidents may happen!

Polar White Plush Rug

The 15 Best Kitchen Runner Rugs of 2023 (7)

You might think I’m mad for suggesting a white runner rug for a kitchen, but this Polar white rug is perfect if you want to add a touch of luxury to your kitchen, and you don’t need to worry about it getting dirty on your kitchen floor: it’s machine washable and stain resistant!

This rug is super soft, with long velvety fibres, perfect if you like to walk around your home barefoot, saving your feet from a cold kitchen floor.

Victoria Slate Blue Rug

The 15 Best Kitchen Runner Rugs of 2023 (8)

This stunning antique inspired rug features a traditional floral design in a blue monochromatic color scheme, giving an elegant Mediterranian feel to any kitchen.

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It has been distressed slightly to give it an antiqued look, and although it might look delicate, it’s actually extremely durable making it a great choice for a kitchen. As well as being great in high traffic areas, the rug easily detaches from it’s pad so it can be washed in a washing machine.

Multi-Colored Mosaic Medallion Runner Rug

The 15 Best Kitchen Runner Rugs of 2023 (9)

This multi-colored mosaic medallion runner rug is perfect for anyone who wants to add some joy to their kitchen! While this rug is inspired by a traditional persian design, it features a bold modern color palette.

The bright color palette makes this runner rug a real statement piece. And it’s not just lovely to look at, it’s also durable and can stand up well to heavy foot traffic making it an ideal choice for a kitchen.

Vintage Kilim Runner Rug

The 15 Best Kitchen Runner Rugs of 2023 (10)

If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind kitchen runner ideas, then you should definitely check out the selection at Revival Rugs. This vintage kilim rug has been flat woven from 100% wool pile on a cotton foundation, for a super soft finish.

It has a warm color palette of reds, oranges, browns, and pinks, and would be the perfect statement piece in any modern or farmhouse style kitchen!

Overdyed Blue Persian Area Rug

The 15 Best Kitchen Runner Rugs of 2023 (11)

If you are on the lookout for long kitchen rug runners, then you’re in luck! This extra long runner rug comes in sizes up to 12 ft, making it an ideal choice for anyone with a large kitchen.

The overdyed Persian inspired design gives this rug a modern look, while still using traditional patterns, great for anyone wanting to achieve a chic, bohemian look in their kitchen.

Handwoven Dakarai Jute Rug

The 15 Best Kitchen Runner Rugs of 2023 (12)

For a relaxed, beachy vibe in your kitchen, try this handwoven Dakarai Jute rug. With thick stripes and a neutral color palette or brown and sandy beige, this timeless rug is ideal for bringing another dimension of texture to your kitchen.

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Since Jute is a natural and renewable fibre, this rug is also an eco friendly choice, and it also stands up well to wear and tear from high traffic areas.

Blue Gray Moroccan Trellis Runner Rug

The 15 Best Kitchen Runner Rugs of 2023 (13)

For a modern Moroccan style, this blue gray trellis runner rug will complete the look! This beautiful rug is hand hooked, and made of 100% wool, combining comfort and quality perfectly.

The bold geometric trellis design would make an eye catching addition to any modern farmhouse kitchen. This rug is nice and thick, so will feel great underfoot, as well as being able to stand up to the wear and tear of any high traffic areas.

Antique Farahan Persian Runner

The 15 Best Kitchen Runner Rugs of 2023 (14)

If you’re looking for something really special, then take a look at this antique authentic Persian runner rug. This rug is 60-70 years old, and has been hand knotted from 100% wool, so it’s beautifully soft underfoot.

With a warm palette of red, gold, green, ivory and navy blue, and an intricate persian design, this rug will really make your kitchen feel like home.

Gray Nelsonville Kitchen Runner

The 15 Best Kitchen Runner Rugs of 2023 (15)

This beautiful gray Nelsonville kitchen runner would be perfect in any modern kitchen. The classic design works so well with the muted gray color palette, and it would work well on either light or dark floors.

It’s durable enough to stand uo to the daily wear and tear of being used in a kitchen, and is easy to clean with soap and water when required.

Summing it Up…

If you’ve been searching for the perfect kitchen runner rugs, hopefully you have found some inspiration here, or maybe you’ve even found the perfect one!

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Having the right runner for your kitchen will not only warm up your space, but also add some of your personality, as well as making it more comfortable while you walk around your kitchen, providing natural cushioning for your knees and back as you walk around.

Kitchen runners generally have to withstand a lot of wear and tear, as the kitchen is usually a high traffic area, so it’s worth looking out for rugs that are machine washable, such as the range from Ruggable and Rugs USA, especially if you have kids and pets!


What kind of runner is best in kitchen? ›

What Kind of Material Should A High Traffic Kitchen Runner Be Made Out Of? High quality wool is the most durable and the easiest to professionally clean, but the most expensive. Vintage rugs work well at hiding stains.

What kind of rug is best for a kitchen floor? ›

For the kitchen, you'll want to stick with easy-to-clean materials like polypropylene, PVC or vinyl and rugs or mats with very low-pile. Avoid wool or cotton rugs that will easily absorb stains and tend to have a taller profile.

How do I choose a rug for my kitchen runner? ›

The size

If you're looking for a runner, measure the length of the galley, and subtract a few inches on the sides (at least three inches, ideally, although more like six) to leave space between the cabinets and the rug. Same if you're getting a rug to fill the space.

What is a good size for a kitchen runner? ›

Ideal and popular size rugs for kitchens include traditional runners (2.5 x 8 or 12 feet), 2x3, 4x6 and 5x8. traditional runners (2.5 x 8 or 12 feet), 2x3, 4x6 and 5x8.

Should you put a rug in front of kitchen sink? ›

Regardless of the size and shape of your kitchen, the space in front of the kitchen sink is the best, most functional place for your kitchen rug. It's where we stand for longer periods of time so the extra cushion there really helps.

What should a runner avoid? ›

Foods Runners Should Avoid
  • Sugary Sodas. Sugary sodas tend to instantly satiate you but eventually cause dehydration and elevated sugar cravings. ...
  • Frozen Meals. ...
  • Dairy products. ...
  • Alcohol. ...
  • Energy Drinks. ...
  • Oily And Fatty Food Items. ...
  • Spicy Food. ...
  • Foods That Are High In Fibre And Carbohydrates.

What is the current trend for kitchen floors? ›

Following the natural stone floor trend, porcelain tiles have gained a new dimension. Large, tumbled porcelain is becoming increasingly popular in kitchen flooring design. Like flagstone and limestone, pale, tumbled porcelain gives a modern yet country vibe to a kitchen.

What is the best color for a kitchen floor? ›

White and yellow tend to be the most popular colors for kitchen floors. Both colors create a light and airy ambiance in the kitchen and make the space feel more relaxed.

Should I put runner rug in kitchen? ›

If your kitchen includes an island, a runner in front of the cabinets and sink makes sense. Runners are perfect for any narrow space. Another benefit: runners make smaller kitchens appear more spacious. If you don't want a full-sized runner, a comfort mat makes a nice alternative.

Should rug be darker than walls? ›

Considering Wall Color

Your wall color should be two tones lighter than your carpet. If you have dark walls, you can also go a few tones lighter with your carpet. Since it's much easier to change your wall color than your carpet, choose your carpet color first and then match your wall color.

What size rug is best in front of kitchen sink? ›

A 3x5 area rug is ideal for this space because of the size of the sink. It won't take up too much room, and it will provide you with a soft space to stand when doing dishes, washing your hands, and prepping for meals.

What kind of rugs are trending? ›

Jute, bamboo, sisal, and other natural fibers will take over interiors, thereby creating a calming, relaxed vibe. No matter their colors or patterns, the rugs will drive schemes to feel current and relaxed.

How do I choose a runner? ›

Measure the width of your hallway.

This leaves you about 4 to 5 inches of floor showing on each side. Most standard runners come this width, or close to it. If your hallway is extra wide, you may need a wider runner. For runners in wide halls, leaving about a 6 inches of floor showing on each side is comfortable.

Do you put rug in front of refrigerator? ›

I recommend placing rugs wherever there is a likelihood of spilling or splashing on the floor. This means in front of the refrigerator, sink, and range,” Peterson says. “If you have a hard floor in your kitchen, you may also want to place one in front of your main prep area for comfort.”

Do runners look good in kitchen? ›

A runner rug adds a soft and welcoming touch to kitchen decor. The best kitchen runner rugs are durable, easy to clean, and beautiful to add an aesthetic flair to busy kitchens. A runner rug adds personality, warmth, and softness to an angular kitchen.

What should you not put down a kitchen sink? ›

The worst items to put down your garbage disposal are greases and fats, coffee grounds, vegetable scraps and eggshells. Other no-nos include pasta and rice, which when combined with water, can stick together and create a mess.

What should you not throw in a kitchen sink? ›

10 Things You Should Never Put Down the Drain
  • Coffee Grounds. Since coffee grounds are not completely water-soluble, when grounds mix with butter, oil or grease already coating the pipes, there's an increased risk for clogs.
  • Butter and Margarine. ...
  • Cooking Oil. ...
  • Grease and Other Fats. ...
  • Eggshells. ...
  • Medication. ...
  • Pasta. ...
  • Rice.
May 7, 2020

Should kitchen runner be longer than island? ›

To give an example, if your kitchen island is four feet long, then use a runner rug that is at least six feet in length so some of it reaches past the island and ties to the other counters/cabinets. Center the rug with your island itself and in front of spots where you tend to stand still (typically a sink or stove).

What makes a good runner? ›

These include key aspects of running such as VO2max, Lactate Threshold, and Running Economy (which itself includes things such as foot type, foot strike, stride length, muscle strength, flexibility, etc), as well as motivational factors that determine drive, consistency, and persistence.

What not to drink after a run? ›

Alcohol should also be avoided for at least an hour after a run. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it can contribute to the loss of water and sodium — two nutrients your body needs after a run, Robison says. Drinking alcohol after a run will likely cause you to become more dehydrated and feel even more fatigued.

What is a good height for a runner? ›

But watch the first people to cross the finish line and you'll see that there's one common denominator of long-distance dominance: size. Almost without exception, elite marathon runners stand 5-foot-7, give or take two inches, and weigh 140 pounds, plus or minus a few pounds.

What is trending in kitchen floors 2023? ›

In terms of color, light floors are proving especially popular in 2023. Whitewashed, light grey and light honey-toned floors are a great choice. They help to add character while brightening up the space.

What is the flooring trend for 2023? ›

In summary, the best flooring trends for 2023 include warm-toned hardwoods, natural stone, terrazzo, and cement tiles. These materials offer durability, character, and a sense of luxury to any space.

What color floors are in style for 2023? ›

Natural, Neutral Colors

Homeowners are gravitating toward more natural, neutral floor colors that are versatile enough to fit with a variety of living spaces, from dining rooms to bedrooms. Shades of white, cream and honey can be used in homes, luxury condos, and even commercial spaces.

What colors are not good in a kitchen? ›

'Colors to absolutely be avoided are darker colors and shades of green, blue, red, and purple, which will cast a shadow on food and darken the space. Green and orange, in particular, should be avoided in kitchens,' she warns.

Should floor be lighter or darker than cabinets? ›

If so, you might be wondering, Should wood floors be lighter or darker than cabinets? Luckily, there is no right or wrong answer here. Light-color hardwoods look excellent with dark wood cabinets, and vice versa. On the other hand, matching the colors isn't out of the question, either.

What color kitchen floor shows the least dirt? ›

So, what flooring looks cleanest? Typically, lighter color woods show less dirt and dust. Dark floors can easily show dust, while lighter floors mask it.

Why do people put runners in kitchen? ›

They dress up a workspace, help add warmth to cold mornings in the kitchen, and keep spills and crumbs under control. While hardwood floors are beautiful, kitchen runners can help you keep a hardwood or tile floor and still soften the edges of your food prep area.

Is it OK to put a runner over carpet? ›

No, it's not a good idea. Typically, runners are installed over wood floors on stairs because rugs require a sturdy, firm surface to prevent shifting. They are often secured in place with caulking or anti-slip rubber backing.

What is the most popular rug color? ›

The most popular carpet colors are black and dark variants and for good reason. Black and dark gray carpets are found ubiquitously wherever carpeting is the flooring of choice. They also stand up to stains well, accentuate more vibrant decor choices, and will never go out of style.

What color rug hides dirt best? ›

Dark brown is one of the best carpet colors for hiding dirt. The darker the shade, the better the dirt will blend into the carpet. Powder and dust won't show up against the dark brown color. While a lighter brown can also be an attractive option, it won't hide as much dirt.

Is it better to have a bigger or smaller rug? ›

As mentioned before, bigger is almost always better. A few inches can make a world of a difference. If your rug is too small, not only will it make the room look smaller, but it will also make the room appear choppy. Going with a bigger size is worth every extra penny if you want your room to look flawless.

What should I hang in front of my kitchen sink? ›

No Window Over Your Sink? No Problem! Here's What You Do Instead.
  1. Put up a mirror. A mirror is always going to be the next-best thing after a window. ...
  2. Hang some art. ...
  3. String up some plants. ...
  4. Go for open shelving. ...
  5. Install a fun backsplash.
May 3, 2017

What is the most popular rug size? ›

8' x 10' is one of the most popular sizes for area rugs. They are perfect for filling small- to medium-sized living rooms and underneath most kitchen tables. They can even be placed fully under a queen-sized bed with room to spare for nightstands on either side.

Where do you put a kitchen runner? ›

You can place a kitchen runner rug in front of the sink, narrow areas of the kitchen like between the counters and pantry, in front of the stove and oven, or any place where you want to keep your floor clean! You can choose the perfect size runners to create a dramatic entrance to your kitchen.

What Colour carpets are in for 2023? ›

Earthy Hues

Say hello to warmer natural colors next year. "We expect to see lots of earthy hues (like olive greens, golden yellows, warm rusts, and clay tones) which always help create an approachable, warm, and well-lived space," Wahler notes.

What color carpet is best for 2023? ›

Carpet trends 2023: Earthly tones

Carpets in grey and beige are ever so popular, and to these colours we are adding rich terracotta tones and ochre shades. Shades of clay are also an optimal choice here. These colours will add warmth and comfort to your home, making you feel grounded and secured.

What does a good runner look like? ›

While jogging, maintain good posture, engage your core, and gaze forward. Avoid tilting your head down and slumping your shoulders. Broaden your chest, and keep it lifted as you draw your shoulders down and back. Keep your hands loose, and use a relaxed arm swing.

What are the two types of runners? ›

Runners can usually be divided into three general types — Speedsters, Endurance Monsters and Combo Runners – based on how they respond to training and racing.

Do runners look younger? ›

Get your glow back. Running increases the production of human growth hormone—your body's natural youth serum. "This helps you produce new cells, which can make your skin look a lot more youthful," says Webb.

What should not be put on top of refrigerator? ›

The top of the fridge, however, is not suitable for storing cleaning chemicals. Corrosive products, such as oven cleaners or drain cleaners, present significant risks and need to be stored in areas that are well ventilated, dry, and inaccessible to children.

What type of mats should be used in the kitchen? ›

Nylon: Nylon is a synthetic material and is ideal for a kitchen. It's very strong and therefore durable to a high amount of footfall as well as being easy to clean. It also resists staining, making for the best kitchen rug fibre for a busy space!

What should be kept at the top of the fridge? ›

Ready-to-eat foods are stored at the top of the fridge, away from raw foods so that harmful bacteria cannot transfer from the raw food to the cooked food. Raw meat, poultry and fish in sealed containers to stop them touching or dripping onto other foods.

Should you put a runner in your kitchen? ›

Runners are perfect for any narrow space. Another benefit: runners make smaller kitchens appear more spacious. If you don't want a full-sized runner, a comfort mat makes a nice alternative. For larger kitchens, area rugs make an excellent choice.

Do people put runners in the kitchen? ›

One of the hottest kitchen accessories around are runners, and for good reason! Incorporating a runner in your kitchen design is the perfect way to add warmth, character, and color to the heart of your home. A rug is an easy and affordable update that will instantly make your space look more polished.


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