What is My Face Shape? 2 Free Step-By-Step Upload a Free Photo Method

face shape upload photo

Have you ever dreamed of creating the perfect hairstyle or finding sunglasses that make your eyes sparkle? Unlock the mystery by knowing your face shape!

This blog post will highlight the potential of your personal style with two fun ways to find your shape: uploading a photo of your face shape or using a  measuring tape.

Method 1: Face Shape Upload Photo - Effortless and Instant!

This futuristic method uses the power of AI to analyze your photo and determine your face shape by simply uploading a photo.

Pink Mirror Free AI face detector
Free AI Face Shape

Forget the measuring tape!

Check out websites like PinkMirror where you can simply upload your selfie and watch the magic happen.

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Free AI Face Shape Guide
Free AI Face Shape Guide
Find your face shape free

Method 2: Measuring Tape - Classic and Precise

For those who prefer a practical approach, grab a flexible measuring tape and follow these 5 simple steps:

face shape upload photo

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

Yes, all you need is a measuring tape to start your facial geometry journey!

Step 2: Measure Your Forehead Width

Locate the Widest Point:

Place the tape on your forehead, just above your eyebrows, where your hairline forms two arches.

face shape ai & shape detector

Record the Measurement:

Note the number in centimeters. This is the width of your forehead.

Step 3: Measure Your Cheek Width

Find the Cheekbones:

Place the tape on your face, measuring from the highest point of one cheekbone to the highest point of the other.

Face Shape Detector

Take the Measurement:

Record the centimeters, representing the width of your cheekbones.

Step 4: Measure Your Jawline Length

Define the Jawline:

Run the tape along your jawline, starting at the tip of your chin and following the curve to the other end.

face shape upload photo

Record the Measurement:

Note the centimeters, which represent the length of your jaw.

Step 5: Measure Your Face Length

Locate the Starting Point:

Place the tape in the center of your hairline and take it to the tip of your chin. Imagine measuring the distance from the hairline on your forehead to your chin.

face shape upload photo

Record the Measurement:

This measurement represents the length of your face.

If still facing problems! Watch our step-by-step guide YouTube video for a clear and easy-to-follow process. Just click on the link below and find the key to understanding your face shape.

Just Remember:

Grab a mirror and find a well-lit spot. Now, let’s take some key measurements of your face:

  • Forehead width: Measure the widest part between your eyebrows and hairline.
  • Cheekbone width: Find the distance between the outer corners of your eyes.
  • Jaw length: Draw a line from your chin to the outer edge of the ear.
  • Face Length: Follow a straight line from your hairline to the tip of your chin.


Analyze Your Measurements

Now that you have your numbers, it’s time to crack the code and know your face shape!

Select your gender, and your face level of sharpness and feed your numbers below to know your face shape

Face Shape Calculator
To double-check see these visual guides below to match your measurements with the following common shapes:

Round Face:

  • Similar measurements for cheeks and face length

  • Softer jawline

Oval Face:

  • The forehead is slightly wider than the chin

  • Face length is roughly 1.5 times its width.

Square Face:

  • All measurements are fairly similar

  • Well-defined jawline

Heart Face:

  • The forehead width is larger than the jawline

  • Pointed chin

Diamond Face:

  • Cheeks are the widest part of the face

  • Narrower forehead and jawline

Congratulations! You have revealed the secret of your face shape! With this knowledge, you can make informed decisions about hairstyles, glasses, makeup, and other things that highlight your unique features. Embrace your personality and let your personal style shine!

Bonus tip:

Remember, face shapes can be a mix of different categories. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find what you like most. After all, the most important thing is to feel confident and beautiful in your skin!

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